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Ammonia plant from air

The original plant produced
ammonia, used mostly in agriculture. The plant is connected to the midwest by a pipeline now owned by Valero and out of use


Vanguard’s refinery is located on a site originally an ammonia plant and built in 1977. The plant ceased operations in 2001. In 2003 Vanguard purchased the site out of bankruptcy and built a biodiesel plant using mostly existing assets (many remaining). The company went into commercial operation in early 2006. However, by September of 2006, Vanguard became a public corporation with new owners. The new refinery was called Allegro Biodiesel, Inc., a public company, with key Vanguard management staying on. The company continued in commercial operation producing both ASTM and European specification biodiesel. Then abruptly, in October 2007 Allegro Biodiesel ceased operations because its parent company became an early victim of the current economic crisis. This lead to the original investors in Vanguard buying the company back in September of 2008.

Ammonia plant equip

The distillation columns on the left and tanks on the right are part of the original ammonia plant built in 1977