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May 2, 2011

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JatroDiesel is one of the longest-running biodiesel technology  companies in the world today. As a leading biodiesel technology and  equipment provider, our clients benefit from our experience and  expertise in developing and optimizing refineries and secondary  operations throughout North America and beyond. Whether you’re looking  for a partner to build a turnkey biodiesel refinery for you from the  ground up, to help you overcome specific engineering or process  challenges, or even to collect and process used restaurant oil into a  usable fuel source, JatroDiesel can do it all - and more.

Jatro Super Process - NEW!

Jatrodiesel for the first time is offering commercially a Single  Stage, Solid Metal Catalyst based process technology that will process  feedstock with FFAs up to 100% with minimal or no loss in yield, and  completely eliminate the usage of homogenous catalyst such as Sodium  Methylate, a substantial savings.

(The traditional biodiesel production process involves esterification  for processing free fatty acids (FFA) into esters; and  transesterification for processing low-FFA oils into biodiesel. The  conventional process involves using sulfuric acid for esterification and sodium or potassium methylate catalysts for the transesterification  process. These processes work very well and have decades of production  experience behind them. Jatrodiesel has used these processes in six  turnkey biodiesel plants it has built through the years. Virtually all  functioning biodiesel plants in the U.S. use a form of these two  technologies with similar, or exactly the same, catalysts).

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