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A portable analyzer being used to ensure the feestock at its source meets Vanguard’s requirements prior to shipping 

Vanguard’s managementJag team is composed of successful business personnel whose backgrounds include executive management, finance, engineering, project and construction management, environmental and safety as well as extensive operations and maintenance experience of large industrial production facilities. In addition, degreed engineers have a combined experience of over 40 years.

Darrell Dubroc - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Dubroc is the CEO and has more than 20 years of combined senior management, engineering, marketing, business development, construction and project management experience. He graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and has advanced degrees in engineering management from LSU and an Advanced Business Management degree from Harvard Business School. 

Jerome Whiddon - Plant Manager
Mr. Whiddon has 20 years of plant operating experience which includes six years managing the Pollock facility; in addition, has experience in construction and start-up operations of ammonia plants. Mr. Whiddon has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. As Plant Manager, he will oversee all plant upgrade retrofitting beginning in mid-2009. 

Penny Welch - Environmental/Safety Superintendent
Ms. Welch is knowledgeable of the environmental permits and safety programs necessary to operate and maintain the plant and will be responsible for obtaining and monitoring additional permits as necessary.  Penny is over the lab and testing.  Ms Welch has a degree in Chemistry from Louisiana College.

Ian Lawson - VP Marketing & Business Development
Mr. Lawson has a history of developing new technologies and the businesses behind them beginning in 1977 with a solar energy company; in the early 1990’s he moved into telecom and patented a unique pay-as-you-go cell phone technology; and in 2004 he co-developed a unique cellular phone platform to enable a vehicle tracking service accessible from a cell phone or PC. Mr Lawson is responsible for marketing and developing plans for Vanguard to move into 2nd generation biofuels using woody biomass and other cellulosic feedstocks to directly produce ASTM D975 diesel fuel. Mr. Lawson has a B.S. degree in communications from Boston University (1972).

Consulting Teams
The Company has retained financial, engineering and marketing consultants to assist in making this project a success.  All disciplines will work with the overall project team to define the detailed work plan structure, individual tasks, project milestones, schedules, performance measures, key decision points and overall project monitoring for performance. This project team, in the process of being formed, will meet on a routine basis or as needed to support the success of the project.

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The future of biodiesel holds incredible promise using algae sources as the feedstock

Forest cut

Woody biomass also offers a huge opportunity for low cost feedstock. Vanguard is located in the midst of the forestry industry

Future development of prairie grasses from non-agricultural land offer more low cost feedstock opportunities such as miscanthus and switchgrass (below)


National  Biodiesel Board Member