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Plant control center

Vanguard’s biodiesel plant currently has a production capacity of up to 15 million gallons per year, soon  increasing to 30 million. Since 2006 Vanguard has consistently produced the highest quality biodiesel available for both the domestic and European markets. Most feedstocks are processed from soy to

high FFA animal fats and vegetable oils. The plant provides direct access to worldwide shipping through its port facilities and storage terminal. There is direct access to the national rail (Union Pacific) and with on-site rail and truck scales and loading facilities. Also, main Gulf port shipping terminals are within about 250 miles from Mobile, AL to Galveston, TX.

port loading1

Liquid loading dock on Red River

tanks at port4

4.5 million gallons storage at left; 650k heated tank at right


Methanol recovery stripper (from SRS Engineering, Temecula, CA)

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National  Biodiesel Board Member

Plant offices1

Vanguard administrative offices at the plant location

June - July 151

5,500 gallon reactor (right), settling tanks and methanol recovery at left

June - July 172

Control center process management screens

June - July 165

365,000 gallon biodiesel and 280,000 feedstock holding tanks

June - July 158

Methanol holding tank

June - July 140

Two rail spurs for loading and unloading with space for about 60 cars