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Vanguard HQ 6

Vanguard HQ, Alexandria, LA

fats and oils

Vanguard uses used cooking oil to make its biodiesel

June - July 169

Vanguard’s has a full GC lab.
CoAs upon request

Jag - Alexandria 291

Methanol recovery column insures the highest quality glycerol at <.001%

Jag - Alexandria 212

Vanguard’s spur connects to the main Union Pacific railway 

Jag - Alexandria 263

Vanguard’s dock at the Port of Alexandria on the Red River

Vanguard Synfuels is a Gulf biodiesel processor producing high quality, high volume biodiesel using the best-in-class industry technologies to stay competitive. Our facilities are highly adaptive and scalable and designed to meet the ever changing challenges inherent in today’s biodiesel industry. 

And because of our technological advantages, Vanguard is able to produce ASTM and EN industry standard biodiesel at less cost than most of its competitors. Additionally, customers have an advantage on transportation with Tier I logistics consisting of direct water access to Gulf ports; via the Mississippi to the American heartland; main-line rail service with Union Pacific; and, state-of-art truck loading/unloading and blending facilities. Vanguard has 16 million gallons in storage tanks for both feedstock and finished biodiesel.

Superior Customer Service

Count on Vanguard to exceed your expectations in every facet of the business relationship. We consistently meet the very essence of positive relations with customers at every level from  small to very large biodiesel volume requirements.
Our processing facilities are located on 320 acres at Pollock, LA, 19 miles north of main offices in downtown Alexandria (see map). Current production capacity is 15 million gallons per year and an expansion to 30 million is planned for completion by early 2012.
By mid-2014 a further expansion (and technological accomplishment) will enable production of diesel fuel from woody biomass, typically called “green diesel” and will meet ASTM D975 specifications as #2 diesel fuel.


Vanguard has a range of customers, from local jobbers, regional distributors, oil refiners and those operating in export markets to companies who toll. Customer types include:

  • Tollers who provide their own choice of feedstock which they pay for and ship to the plant for processing. Once the product is finished and it’s certified to meet spec. the biodiesel is picked up by the toller. Sometimes these orders are specification specific (something beyond ASTM) and require Vanguard to implement chemistry and processes not typically used. However, by running consecutive tests and careful chemical analysis the exact final production procedures can be determined
  • Oil Refiners/Obligated Parties who typically provide from biodiesel blends to distributors and jobbers in their market area under new RFS2 EPA rules. Purchases are shipped via barge or rail primarily, and destinations range from the Gulf to  west coast and midwest.
  • International marketers who usually order certain methyl esters (ME) such as those made from canola oil, animal fats (such as technical tallow) and soy.  Then, the marketer blends these with their other ME stocks of B99 or B100 to meet benchmark cold flow plugging points (CFPP) or cloud points (CFCP) required of their overseas customers. Purchases are typically shipped 225 miles via barge to Gulf tanks and then transferred to ships bound for (mostly) Europe.
  • Regional distributors who provide from B2 to B99 biodiesel blends to truck stops, gas stations and to large end-user fleets across the Gulf coast region.
  • Local jobbers who purchase B2 to B99 blends of biodiesel through our Vanguard’s wholesale fuel rack. These customers are supplying to gas stations and directly to higher volume municipal and logging industry users in the central Louisiana area.

National  Biodiesel Board Member

Biodiesel plant from air

Vanguard plant. In background, water treatment ponds

Plant entrance

Entrance to Vanguard’s biodiesel processing facilities

Tank cars at Pollock

Vanguard’s rail yard will handle to 60 cars and served by Union Pacific


Water access from Vanguard’s plant is via the Red River to the Mississippi River and also to the Achafalaya River to reach Gulf ports (see map)

tank ian

Vanguard has 16 million gallons of storage including this 2.25 million gallon tank